Here’s How to Easily Capture the Monster Legend of Moltres in Pokemon Go

Two weeks ago, Pokemon Go lovers around the world gathered at the Pokemon Go Festival. Together with thousands of others at the event, they united to capture the Pokemon as much as possible. The goal is to capture the first Legendary Pokemon released by Niantic Labs.


moltres pokemon go

Successfully captured Pokemon with a large number, the company also fulfill its promise by presenting Lugia and Articuno in the Gym around the world. No doubt, millions of Pokemon trainers were flocking to work together in Legendary Raid Battles.

Each week, the legendary Pokemon that can be captured will be replaced. This week, it was Moltres’s turn to replace Articuno. Moltres can be arrested from 31 July to 7 August.


The emergence of Moltres was first announced through the Pokemon Go Twitter account. “Moltres the Legendary Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Go! Gather your friends and find the Legendary Raid Battle near you! ”

For information, Moltres is the most easily defeated legendary monster. How to? Here is an ideal team that you can use to defeat Moltres, as quoted from page BGR, Thursday (03/08/2017).

As long as your monster has a high level, you can defeat Moltres easily. In addition, you have the chance of catching other legendary Pokemon into the collection.

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